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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Room 2 Angels

Room 2 were inspired by the "With One Loaf" project and this raised the word poverty. We had a class discussion about poverty and what it means and who it affects.

The class decided we could sell our art and give the money to the people who may struggle over Christmas because of going through a hard time. Our class talked about what it would feel like to be a kid on Christmas morning and not have anything new or flash to open.

We looked at charities and decided to give to the City Mission and become City Mission Angels. 

We made Christmas decorations and then made invitation and invited our families to a pre- Fia Fia Day sale. 

We had a friends and family sale and lots of family visited our classroom and generously bought our decorations. 

We made $363.50 for the City Mission. 

How did we feel about helping people?

Jed - It makes me feel like I want to help the whole world." 

I think that sums it up. Room 2 angels - you are amazing! 


Greenstone Tiki

Today we has a specialist art lesson with Lucille's mum, Dianne. She is a high school art teacher. 

Dianne talked to us about the art we were going to do and the meaning behind it.

What we Learned:

We learned that greenstone can only be found in the South Island. 
It is also called pounamu. 

Sometimes the Maori put paua in the carving for the eyes.

We painted our tikis using dark colours first and then chose lighter colours like green and greenish yellow to make the tiki look like it's been carved. Dianne then let us choose paua design eyes and she hot glued them onto the tikis for us because hot glue is very hot.

Then Andrea's daughter tied the green strings on and Theo, Andrea's son took our photos. 

Our tikis might be Christmas tree ornaments or we might hang them on our walls. 

Thanks Dianne for a great morning. 

Room 2

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Chocolate Factory

When I went to Dunedin I went to the chocolate factory and I saw a chocolate fountain. If you put your tongue on it, chocolate will be on you're tounge. P.S There are lots of chocolates!
By Lucille

Cadbury chocolate factory

A package.

On the weekend a  package came  from  London  inside there was two bags They were meant  to be for my mother but she has so many bags she gave them to me and my sister Sylvie .We played lots of games like bookstores and spies. 

Lily's Horse Facts

1.Did you know that the biggest horse in the world is 19.5 centre meters ? 
2.Did you know that the smallest horse in the world is 40 centimeters? Horses are amazing animals. I love horses. Horses are super cool animals. By Lily

Monday, November 23, 2015


On Guy Fawkes night I brought Storm. Storm is a superstar pony.

She is a jet black mare with a white dash down her nose. I love 

horses and ponies. By Lily

Dark of doom.

At home I made a world on minecraft with my 3 uncles and  my world is called Dark of Doom. I made the windows and the walls. On minecraft one of my uncles  made the lights and  the roof.  I am also adding more stuff. by Loma.
A picture of the Minecraft world.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Bird Painting

Yesterday I painted a picture of a kea flying in the sky over three waterfalls beside each other and on a pale grey sky.By Jojo.


Easy Blog Photo
On the weekend l was digging through my mums room when I found a book called Ratburger by David Walliams .It is a very good and very funny book and I love it so much. In fact I think it's the best book I have ever read .It is very funny because it says that rats are very good at speaking French! I Love this book so much that I never want to finish it. By Eloise

The sleep over

On  the weekend I had a sleep over at Stanley's house.We had fish and chips for dinner. Then we ding-dong-ditching.
by Francis

BMXing in the weekends

                            BMXing in the weekends    
In the holiday I went to the BMX track and I came 3rd in the finals !  My big brother was getting smoked by 9 year olds. Toby and me tied in the semi finals.
By Jed!
My trophy

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Best Fullback

Easy Blog Photo
When I first started to play rugby league I was 5. But I played under 6 .  But now I play under 8 . Last week at prize giving I got a trophy for being the best full back. I was so  happy. By Tnias.

My Ballet Medal

I have been at ballet for 4 years and this year I got a medal and a certificate. By Ava

My gold medal

I won  a  gold medal at Kelly Sports.  It was at the end of the year.                                                          by Rhys

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Facts about spiders

Facts about spiders

1.A nursery web spider spins a web around the babies to keep them safe!!!

2.Spiders look scary but most are harmless.

3.All spiders have fangs.

4. Most female spiders are bigger than male spiders.

5.Spiders have the same poison as stingrays.
By Jake

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The spiders are scary creatures. 
There is only one type  of poisonous spider in New Zealand and it' a tarantula. 
They eat flies and are helpful. 
They also make webs which traps the flies. 
Evethough they might be scary, they are nature's helpers. 
A spider in a web by Dylan


On Friday we went to Rotoiti with Jamie and Rio. On the way there we got Subway in 
Matamata. Matamata is one hour from Rotoiti. On the way there we broke down because our car didn't like our boat. We had to get a tow truck to tow the car back to Matamata. Mum went with the tow truck and we got a rental car - it was a boy racer. Luckily our friends were behind us so we could get a ride. Jamie and One(pronounced O-nay) had to hitchhike to Matamata. 

The first day we tried wake-boarding, none of the kids could get up. The next day I tried water skiing and I got up the first time. Dad was in the water with me and we left him behind because I was zooming away from him. 

On the same day at the hot pools I was walking down the stairs and I slipped on a boogie board and scraped my hand and elbow down some concrete. It hurt a lot. 

The last day it was scorching hot and we went for a few hours of wake boarding, water skiing and biscuiting. We did lots of big jumps on the biscuit.

On the drive home. most of us went in Emma's car and me, Jamie, One and dad went in One's car and mum went with Mila in the boy racer and then picked up our Ford Escape -that's our car.

Luckily our car didn't break down again and we went home nicely. 

By Toby

Fireworks on the second day. By Toby

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